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Tommy is on a grooming mission! I hate how much choice I have, in fact it infuriates me. The amount of advertising we see for countless brands all insisting that they have the strongest hold is getting slightly out of hand. Looking the part is important for us all, so finding the perfect product that helps you get to that look is vital. I have gone through dozens of brands to find the best of the bunch that I feel works the best, is value for money and says exactly what it says on the tin. Top of the male grooming tree right now for me, is Lock Stock & Barrel.

I have used various products over the years, but all have been a huge let down and have proved to be a total waste of money. When I started to use LS&B just over a month ago, I was pleasantly surprised. For starters, the product looks and feels much more premium than the likes of VO5 or any other mainstream brands on the market right now. That’s always a good start! My top picks from their grooming range are their Recharge Moisture Shampoo, Ruck Matte Putty and the Volumatte Hair Powder. Over the course of a month, I have used them every day and have proved a huge success. Here are my findings!

Recharge Shampoo

LS&B say it effectively traps in moisture to the hair shaft as you wash it, leaving hair tamed and nourished. I must say I agree, my hair is in great condition and the use of recharge has definitely kept it looking thick and healthy. This is a must have for the shower shelf guys!

Volumatte Hair Powder

Having tried just a dozen different hair powders, I found that the majority of them just dried out my hair and I never managed to get to the desired result. I am now converted! It definitely gives me that edgy style that I’m always looking for and leaves no traces of powder. Its a little piece of magic really, and small enough to fit in your back pocket – perfect for that last minute party invitation (I’ve got this guys).

RUCK Matte Putty

Putty’s have never worked for me, however the other products in the LS&B range have been so good i thought to give theirs a try, and I am glad I did. Its just a great feeling to know you have a reliable product that never lets you down, which is exactly how I feel about Lock Stock & Barrels entire range. Mainly this one as the hold it amazing and lasts all day. This one is a winner in my books.

Now you know what I think – why not try it yourself? You can head over to mankind right now to shop their extensive grooming range here: http://www.mankind.co.uk/brands/lock-stock-barrel.list

Thank me later – Tommy

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