Rory Hutton – The future of Irish Design


Some people have an undeniable presence, a special flair that sets them apart from the ordinary man. In June 2016, whilst browsing the London Fashion Week Men’s designer showrooms I had the pleasure of meeting Irish Men’s accessories designer Rory Hutton. His passion for design was evident as he talked me through his newest collection, which includes pocket squares, socks and bow ties made from Irish Linen. The quality of every part of the line is exemplary, with the bow ties being handmade in Scotland. From the presentation, to the branding down to the man himself – it all just works.

The display definitely stood out, but it really comes down to the product in this kind of environment. I remember thinking at the time how nice it was to meet a designer who knows who they are, and has a clear direction. So many brands launch and fail because they have not clearly examined the market, have done very little research &┬ádo not really understand who their customer is. Rory comes across as a knowledgeable, thoroughly educated man with impeccable taste which has in turn helped him successfully launch his Label Rory Hutton London. He has had a vast amount of support from British and international press alike, with his pieces appearing in┬átitles such as Marie Claire, Irish Tatler Man, Tatler Malaysia, Men’s health & Time out.

“I think of Pocket Squares as little paintings folded up in my pocket, I love the concept of carrying art wherever I go” – Rory Hutton

“I love making patterns and playing with colours, it’s always really exciting to see my sketchbook pages reproduced onto silk”

I have met with Rory many times since then, most recently at UK lifestyle exhibition Top Drawer as part of the AW17 Fashion campaign, where I got to see the collection a second time around. I am a big believer that art and fashion should always go hand in hand, something that is evident in Rory’s work. I have genuine interest in the design process, and the inspiration behind collections which is why I love what I do so much. I get to meet inspiring, iconic, trend setting visionaries like Rory.

I cannot wait to see what the future holds for him and his brand, and I predict some huge progress in the very near future. Watch this space. Make sure you head to his online shop, where you can buy a piece of his artistic work and wear it yourself. His full collection is currently available, but if you are interested to learn more about him and how he rose to stardom in the design world, you can read all about him here.



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