Introducing Gary James McQueen


Several weeks back, I had the pleasure of attending the official Launch of Gary James McQueens much anticipated scarf collection. You may recognise his name, being that Gary is in fact the nephew of the late Fashion Icon Alexander McQueen.
The talent of design most definitely runs in the family as Gary has recently demonstrated delivering a well thought out, beautifully designed collection that would make his uncle proud. The three scarfs in the capsule collection depict the life of the “Creative Spirit”, and serves as a tribute to Alexander himself.

I am taking what I have learnt from him and driving this spirit forward. – Gary James McQueen

I applaud Gary for his concepts and for creating something so beautiful, which has already already sold out on his website. Working in the fashion industry myself, I continued to be inspired by designers who take us on a journey of passion & discovery just like his uncle Alexander McQueen did so very well during his illustrious career.

Gary’s vision for each of the three scarfs is explained in his own words below:


“I have reinvented Lee’s love of birds. Taking the Japanese bird of paradise concept and combining this with a modernist colour palette. Using a mixture of photographic and flat colour imagery to create I slightly surreal feeling”


“This Story is a nod to the Victorian era, the British colonial expeditions to Africa and the Ivory trade which ensued from this and the impact that has had on endangered species. Animal welfare was something that concerned Lee greatly.”


“This is the story of rebirth. The feminine figures represent the inherent feminine spirit which resides in us all and manifests itself as creativity.”

Mark sure to follow Gary James McQueen on Instagram here and to find out more please visit his website here. I can’t wait to see what the future holds, and if this is only the beginning, who knows what is in the pipeline. Watch this space!


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