The London Sock Company


Menswear is set to overtake womenswear sales by 2020 here in the UK, which is quite a feat. We are seeing huge sales increases across the board, with a particularly interesting rise in independent sock brands taking the market by storm. According to Harrods of London, consumers purchasing socks are choosing independent labels over the larger fashion houses, and I can see why. Anyone who knows me will know that socks are a big part of my look, so this is a trend I can get on board with in a big way! Like any man, I have my favorite brands, and I can tell you all that the best British sock brand of the moment is without a doubt the London Sock Company. 

They have made a significant impact in today’s growing market, largely down to their clever marketing and a strategic collaboration with none other than David Gandy, who is probably the best dressed man in London today. The result, is a perfectly positioned luxury sock brand, that appeals to a wide range of professional men looking for a quality, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing product. The days of wearing loafers without socks are far behind us guys…let’s shut that door and drop that key down a very, very deep drain.

The thought that goes into making an incredibly well made high quality cotton sock, packaging and general brand messaging is astounding. Today, brands need to connect with consumers on a much deeper level which needs to transcend the whole brand experience. They have done this to an impeccable standard, making them one of the biggest players in today’s marketplace. With Forbes magazine declaring them as the “new king of socks”, wouldn’t you want to try them out for yourself? If the answer is yes, then they have an actual Sock Club you can join from £10 delivering up to three pairs direct to your door each month. You can join the club by clicking this link.

I am quite looking forward to planning my spring/summer wardrobe incorporating the London Sock Company’s Sartorial Collection. I am sure you will see the results on my Instagram afterwards.


Stay Stylish,


Tommy x

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